E Separation

E Separation

Enable Efficient and automated end-to-end Separation Process.



Our System provides all in one solution for Retirement benefits like PF Gratuity & etc trust that combines investment management, member management and accounting in one package.



Employees can easily create the resignation request and upon completion the request can be forwarded to the higher officials. higher officials can approve or reject the resignation request accordingly.


Separation Initiation

Allows users to initiate a request for E-Separation with features like online resignations, separations, and online absconders.


Separation Checklist Clearance

Create multiple clearance items and no dues checklist across different Roles, Departments, and etc.


Employee Exit Interview

Create multiple categories to group employee’s exit clearance in the system. Access unlimited Clearance Process Grouping Features.


Compensation E-Seperation

Configurable E-Seperation Formula Builder for PF, Gratuity, allowances, and unprocessed loans. Generate E-Seperation Statements post-processing.

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