Benefits of People Choice Attendance Management System

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Companies use a variety of methods to track employee work hours, including classic punch card systems, keeping an attendance register or book, timesheets (using excel), a punch in-punch out Biometric system, and now the current demand, driven by the covid epidemic is for a touchless, facial recognition Biometric system. However, since a majority of employees are working from home or are refraining to work from the office to ensure safety or due to the periodic lockdown, a web or mobile attendance management system is the need of the hour, urgently. Here in comes an employee attendance management system such as People Choice Attendance Management System to save your business productivity!

Attendance tracking is critical to your company’s profitability, dependability, and reputation. Managing every employee’s attendance is fine art, especially when it comes to limiting your company’s productivity loss due to an employee’s absence. Incentives and recognition, effective employee involvement, and open communication are all important components of a successful attendance management approach.

People Choice Attendance Management System is one of the inbuilt functionality of People Choice HRMS. It has many benefits that shall be explained further but first let us know about its features and here are all of them:

  1. Attendance Regularity:  Our unified attendance solution allows them to easily control their employees’ attendance. This is capable of automating all of their attendance-taking tasks.
  • Attendance Report:  Get daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports, including short hours, late hours, attendance summary, employee clock-ins, and more.
  • Employee Swipes: Employees can punch in and out daily using a biometric machine, a web portal, or a mobile app
  • Overtime: With a single click, you can track overtime hours, generate a report, and compensate for overtime using a fully integrated payroll system.
  • Bio-metric and Mobile App Integration: Integrate with a mobile app and several biometric machines to automatically collect real-time attendance data.
  • Multi-Location: To create a centralized report, gather attendance data from many locations, and sync it automatically on a single server.
  • Attendance Policy: Organize an attendance policy for your company to enforce timeliness with auto attendance rules for late arrivals, short shifts, and no-shows.
  • Shift & week off: Create varied hours, punch rules, and weekly offs for distinct staff groups, as well as holiday calendars.

Now that you know about the eight features of the People Choice Attendance Management System, it is time to know about its many benefits such as;

1. Precision

Humans are prone to making mistakeseven when offered computational tools. Manual data entry errors are unavoidable and costly, therefore automated attendance management solutions provide accurate time records. As a result of this reliable data, accurate performance and payroll statistics can be provided. People Choice Attendance Management System is 100% precise. Trust our many happy clients!

2. Monetary Policy

Have you ever considered how attendance management solutions could help you save money? It helps businesses save money by eliminating inaccuracies in time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness or lateness, time misuse, and overpayment. In fact, according to research conducted by the Axsium Group, major businesses can save up 1, 18, 400 Rupees per employee by employing automated attendance management systems. People Choice Attendance Management System can just do this for your business because we believe money is very precious.

3. Value for Time, Efficiency, and Productivity

Manually tracking and controlling attendance can be time-consuming, difficult, and costly. Processing paper sheets and time cards, creating schedules, authorizing leave and overtime, and manually payroll creation takes a lot of time. People Choice Attendance Management System gives the HR manager additional time in the office since it keeps track of employee hours and automatically integrates data into your payroll system. The time and effort saved, together with the excellent quality of the data, helps with resource optimization, resulting in increased production and profitability.

4. Insights / Transparency

Would you like a rapid snapshot of all employee or group absences, both planned and unplanned? Well, People Choice Attendance Management System can help you with this. You may generate precise reports on hours worked, absence, overtime, and a monthly summary report for any data/groups within the organization with only a few clicks. With the centralized data, any customized report may be generated, increasing visibility and transparency inside the organization. A manager can also use the graphical versions of the report to rapidly and readily comprehend attendance data. Employers can proactively examine and adjust rules on leave, hours, workplace culture, performance, compensation, and more with a single, reliable attendance data hub, allowing them to evolve in their operations.

5. Adaptability

Employees work from the office, from home, or in remote places in today’s global, well-connected world. Organizations may simply measure employee time utilizing a range of clocking solutions, such as cellphones, internet networks, swiping technologies, biometric terminals, or desktop readers, with our People Choice Attendance Management System.

6. Workflow Management That Isn’t a Pain

An integrated attendance management system such as People Choice HRMS can improve data visibility and streamline payroll, leave, and performance assessment processes. Notifications/alerts are automatic, and the manager can approve requests for early departures, overtime, and other requests without having to communicate with anyone. Manual scheduling is no longer a daunting task. An automatic attendance management system can help manage calendars, assign tasks, and keep track of shift swaps with just a few clicks. It can also help with the workload, resource, and budget forecasting.

7. Setup/ Integration

Based on the nature of your business and policies, you can select attendance management solutions that best suit your needs. Some solutions can interact with any third-party attendance gear (swipe, biometric) and gather GPS-based attendance using mobile applications. With time tracking and attendance monitoring solutions, you may develop personalized attendance regulations based on your organization’s needs. Each attendance shift can have its configuration, with options to establish attendance cycles, mark-in/out regulations, leave deductions, and optional holidays.

8. Safety and Security

The majority of attendance management systems are designed with high-security systems and architecture in mind. Biometric solutions, in particular, are extremely dependable and secure and can help prevent time theft, buddy punching, and administrative costs associated with forgotten PINs and stolen ID cards. These solutions are especially useful in firms where security is a top priority.

9. Adherence to the Law and Regulations

Erroneous records can cost your company a lot of money in overtime payments, as well as breaking labour rules, resulting in costly legal defense and fines. In the spirit of fairness, regulations oblige companies to track attendance and offer adequate remuneration to their employees for any additional hours worked. People Choice Attendance Management System complies with all the laws and regulations.

10. Tracking in real-time

Real-time attendance tracking and automated payroll inputs are both possible with cloud-based attendance management. This aids in the management of alternate payment plans and ensures that all data is available in real-time. Managers can use “planned vs. actual” reports to make real-time adjustments to work schedules and direct staff activities.

People Choice Attendance Management System is the ideal tool because it possesses all of the desirable characteristics that employers want when acquiring an attendance tracker for their businesses. Empower your employees and improve your company’s productivity with our software, People Choice Attendance Management System!

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